Elkhart Periodontics and Implants

Providing healthier teeth and gums to give you something to smile about.

What is a Periodontist?

Not all dentists are equal! Similar to doctors, dentists have their own definitive fields they can specialize in. A periodontist is a dentist that concentrates on preventing, diagnosing and treating gum tissue diseases and the jawbone beneath. Periodontists are also experts in placement of dental implants. It is our commitment as periodontists to get you a healthy smile that you’re not afraid of flaunting!

Periodontics is one of the nine recognized specialties by the American Dental Association. Periodontists receive extensive training, including an additional three years of residency after dental school. 

Board-Certified Periodontists go through an additional rigorous examination process to make significant achievements beyond the required training of residency and dental school. They can they become a Diplomate to the American Board of Periodontology and are considered Board-certified in Periodontics and Implant Surgery.

The Elkhart Periodontic Promise

At Elkhart Periodontics, we are on a mission to break the stigma around the fear that surrounds visiting a dental office. Our team is committed to making our patients comfortable and confident when they choose our office for their dental implants or soft tissue procedures. Elkhart Periodontics can guarantee that your visit will be stress-free as possible with our experts on board. With our state-of-the-art technology and Dr. Hill’s passion for periodontics, there will be no doubt that you are receiving the best dental care. 

The Importance of Visiting a Periodontist

There is more to a healthy smile than just flashing those pearly whites. Oral hygiene plays a vital role in the overall health of your anatomy. If gum disease or tooth decay go untreated, it can grow to be a bigger concern for other parts of your body. Studies have shown that the bacteria from gum disease can make its way to your heart causing heart disease, clogged arteries or even strokes. Practicing good hygiene can avoid most of these health risks. However, visiting a periodontist when issues arise is the best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

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