Laser Therapy

A Nonintrusive, Innovative Technique to Cure Gum Disease

If you are struggling with aggressive periodontitis, your gums are in severe need of professional care. If gum disease goes ignored, the pain will only increase and your chance of bone or tooth loss is almost inevitable. At Elkhart Periodontics, our talented team of periodontists and dental assistants have utilized the latest technology for pain-free, non-invasive treatment for gum disease. The procedure is LANAP. 

LANAP, a laser-assisted new attachment procedure, is a modern method that periodontists are performing more often than traditional gum procedures. LANAP works by simply using a laser to remove the dead gum tissue. With LANAP, there is no need for periodontists to use scalpels that usually cause pain and discomfort to the gums. Swelling and sensitivity are minimized, as well as the chance of an infection. Besides these advantages, this nonintrusive gum surgery has a significantly faster healing time compared to conventional gum surgeries. You can walk out of your periodontist’s office and continue your everyday routine! 

The goal of LANAP is to stop the progression of gum disease by killing the harmful bacteria with the laser. By killing these bacteria, the healthy bacteria can work their magic to maintain the natural balance of your mouth and eventually promote new bone growth. Over time, the tissue around the roots of your teeth should regrow and become stronger. It can also naturally regenerate the bone around your teeth that hold them in place. 

For LANAP, most patients will qualify for this procedure if they are dealing with moderate and severe gum disease. This is the best option for those who want to ignore an invasive, traditional gum restoration procedure. If you are interested in learning more about LANAP or are looking for a consultation, reach out to Elkhart Periodontics today!

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