Promoting Healthy Teeth & Gums for Plymouth

Located on the banks of the Yellow River, Plymouth, Indiana is a lovely place to live and visit. This Marshall County city not only boasts a lovely downtown with riverfront views, but also hosts a variety of outdoor events for all to enjoy! In the summer, Plymouth comes to life each week with vendors and artisans at the Farmers Market in River Park Square. Plymouth also hosts one of Indiana’s largest 4-day festivals, the annual Blueberry Festival. With all of these events and a lively downtown, it’s easy to enjoy life in Plymouth, Indiana. 

But, when you’ve got tooth or mouth pain, it can be hard to keep loving life in Plymouth. Don’t let teeth and gum issues keep you from enjoying Plymouth’s plethora of activities. Get exceptional care from the experts at Elkhart Periodontics and Implants, so you can get back to all the fun Plymouth offers.

Periodontic and Dental Implant Services for Plymouth Residents

Providing healthier teeth and gums to all of Plymouth, the professionals at Elkhart Periodontics are here to help. Committed to making our patients comfortable, we provide superior dental implants and soft tissue procedures to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. 

Our periodontists are board-certified dental specialists that concentrate in preventing, diagnosing and treating gum tissue diseases. Our periodontists are also experts in placement of dental implants as well as a variety of other dental services, which include:

  • Bone grafting: For patients that experience significant tooth loss or jawbone degeneration, this procedure promotes healthy bone growth back into the jawbone
  • Gum & soft tissue grafting: If you are experiencing deterioration on your gums, this procedure of grafting oral tissue to cover the exposed area helps to maintain your oral health
  • Gum recession: For patients experiencing the accelerating loss of gum tissue in the mouth, our professionals provide services that can help lessen the recession
  • Oral cancer exam: We provide screenings for signs of cancerous or precancerous circumstances in your mouth to catch it at an early stage to ensure your wellbeing 
  • Laser Therapy: If you are struggling with gum disease, our professionals provide laser assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) as a quick and painless treatment.

Contact Elkhart Periodontics Today!

Elkhart Periodontics offers exceptional, expert care, which is why we’re the trusted dental implant specialist in Plymouth, Indiana. In need of our specialized dental care? Call us at (574) 266-6107 and get the care you need, today!

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