Professional Periodontal Care Near You in Bristol, IN

Nestled in the heart of Elkhart County, Indiana, Bristol is a charming town with a rich history and a vibrant community. Locals know Bristol for its picturesque streets lined with beautiful historic buildings. And Bristol is known across the state for the iconic Bonneyville Mill County Park’s scenic beauty. The Carriage House, known for mouthwatering steaks, and the authentic Italian cuisine at Anna’s Italian Restaurant attract many hungry diners. Bristol is also known for the Bristol Homecoming Festival and the Elkhart County 4-H Fair, where locals and visitors celebrate tradition and community. With countless reasons to smile in Bristol, nearby Elkhart Periodontics and Implants is proud to provide you with exceptional dental care.

Keep Your Mouth Healthy with Expert Periodontics

At Elkhart Periodontics and Implants, we take dental care a step above. Periodontists are dentists with specialized training in gum tissue, gum disease and jawbone health. Our expert periodontal team can restore your smile by preventing, diagnosing and treating gum diseases and jawbone health concerns. When your gums and jawbones are healthy, your teeth and mouth are healthier. At Elkhart Periodontics and Implants, we provide the following services:

  • Soft tissue grafting. The soft tissue in your mouth (the gums) holds your teeth in place and keeps your teeth’s roots healthy and strong. Unfortunately, when your gums recede, your teeth weaken and loosen. Over time, you can experience increased cavities, sensitivity, tooth loss and other painful conditions due to gum recession. Fortunately, soft tissue grafting can restore your gum health. 
  • Bone grafting. Extensive tooth or jawbone loss or degradation can lead to difficulty eating and speaking. It can also affect your appearance and self-esteem. Bone grafting promotes healthy bone growth to restore your smile and the structure of your mouth. 
  • Laser therapy. Gum disease leads to decaying or dead gums, which can become painful and infected. Fortunately, laser therapy is a simple, painless way to remove dead tissue so that healthy tissue can grow. In addition, laser therapy kills harmful bacteria so that the healthy bacteria in your mouth can grow.
  • Oral cancer screening. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the more treatable it is. Cancer leaders recommend adults over 20 receive oral cancer screenings every three years, and adults over 40 should receive one yearly. Our team will look for signs of oral cancer during an oral cancer exam and perform tests to identify potential cancer.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

At Elkhart Periodontics and Implants, we pride ourselves on providing patients with a comfortable, professional experience. We understand dental appointments can be stressful, and our staff members work to make the office inviting and calm. With combined decades of experience, our team members are experts in periodontal care. So if you’re experiencing bleeding or painful gums, tooth sensitivity or other gum-related problems, contact us today to schedule an appointment. You can also complete our gum health assessment to determine how your gums are doing!

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